We define a mentor as an individual who desires to have a positive impact in a child’s life. He/she demonstrates respect, trust, positive attitude, and guidance. In addition, provides support and positive solutions to help the mentee overcome life challenges and adversity.  As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to provide the mentee exposure to an environment and culture outside of the mentee’s daily routine.

In order to be a mentor, you must attend a mandatory training, complete criminal background check, and sex offender registry. In addition, mentors must have a valid driver license and insurance.   All mentees are matched with mentors according to mentee's/mentor's  interests and needs.  

Turn-Around Mentor Program is a school community based mentoring program that serves elementary, middle, and high school students within Chambers County and Troup County. TMP provides group mentoring and one on one mentoring.  One on one mentoring is for one year.  The mission of the mentor program is to provide positive guidance to at-risk school-aged children to enhanced their social and emotional development, self-esteem, self-confidence, character, and academic performance.

There is conclusive wide-ranging evidence that mentoring along can make a difference in a young person’s life, in very simple ways. Mentored youths are:

  • Less likely to exhibit aggressive behaviors

  • ¨Less likely to skip school

  • More likely to reduce disruptive behaviors  within the academic setting

  •  More likely to perform well academically

  •  More likely to establish positive relationships with peers and parents



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How Students Benefit From Mentoring? 

Turn-Around Mentor Program