About Us

Family and Children's Educational Services, Inc.

Family and Children Educational Services was founded by Mr. Walter & Dr. Tara Scott on October 9, 2002 in Chambers County, which is located in the state of Alabama.  The organization was formed to empower youth and adults by providing educational and social services to individuals in Chambers County.  FACES was recognized as a nonprofit organization in March of 2003.  

FACES launched Boys 2 Men (Character Education Program) in the Spring of 2003 at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Family Life Center in LaFayette, Alabama from 2003 to 2006.  The program initially served 22 boys from ten to fourteen years of age. FACES also launched Galaxy (Literacy Program) in the Fall of 2003 at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church.  This literacy program served 12 youths from third to fifth grade. The Galaxy Program moved to the public library in LaFayette, Alabama in the Fall of 2004 serving fourteen youths in Chambers County. 

In January of 2008, Family and Children's Educational Services partnered with Divine Impact, Inc. and launched Boys 2 Men in LaGrange, Georgia utilizing LaGrange College facilities as a host site.  The program served approximately 13 boys within Troup County.  In addition, FACES provided mentoring services to several students at Fairfax Elementary School in Valley, Alabama. 

Mr. Scott formed Elite Youth Sports in January 2010.  The primary goal was to prepare student-athletes with tools to be successful on and off the basketball court.  During the first year of operation, EYS had one fourth grade basketball team.  Since its inception, EYS had approximately five teams. serving over 65 youths.  

In 2011, FACES provided group mentoring at Eastside Elementary School in Lafayette, Alabama to 4th and 5th grade students.  In addition, FACES was incorporated as a foreign corporation to operate in the state of Georgia in  February 2011 .  In May of 2011, FACES partnered with the City of West Point by launching a program called The Connection.  The Connection is a community-based program that merged Boys 2 Men and Girls' First. The program offered the youth in the city of West Point a structured and safe environment to develop into productive, caring, and successful adults.    

 In 2014, FACES amended the Articles of Incorporation by adding the Walter H. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund, which offers graduating student-athletes financial assistance to attend a college or university.   

In August  2015, FACES hosted its first annual Youth Symposium at   Zion Rest Baptist Church.  FACES partnered with Chambers County School System beginning the 2015 school year to provide  group mentoring services to the students at Eastside Elementary and J.P Powell Middle School.